What we do

01 / Corporate Finance

Optimising the liability side of the corporate balance sheet forms a key component of our advisory services as part of a holistic financing approach. We support our clients especially during periods of expansion and acquisition. In addition to classic financing elements and subsidies, alternative financing elements such as debt and quasi-equity financing from institutional financiers are used.

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02 / Public Subsidies

We advise a large number of companies in Europe in the areas of technology and investment funding. We support companies from workshops to identify appropriate projects, through the application process to the approval of public funding. Funding rates of more than 40% in the area of technology and investment promotion can be achieved. Steinbeis is by far the largest and most experienced provider of these services in Germany and Europe, with more than 400 successful big public funding projects to its credit. This means that we cover the entire funding landscape for companies, including all EU funding programmes, and have been doing so for more than 20 years.

Our goal is to ensure that companies benefit from the highest possible funding quotas and funding amounts for their various investment and technology projects.

In Ukraine, Steinbeis cooperates concerning public subsidies and grants with Unrise (unrise.com.ua/en)

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03 / Venture Capital

We invest in young growing companies with a B&B business model. Our focus is on series A/B or C financing rounds. Together with other institutional investors from our co-investor group, we can provide growth capital of up to MEUR 100 per company if required. Investment focus is on AI / IOT, DLT / blockchain and software, fintech, food and healthcare.
We have a successful track record with more than 50 investments in venture capital and participations, among others.

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